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Dry Ice

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in solid form. It is a translucent substance which has a density of 97.6 lb/cu.ft. at atmospheric pressure. The manufacturing process of Dry Ice involves two steps. First, pure CO2 is expanded to a reduced pressure in a hydraulic press. The CO2 "snow" that is produced in this expansion is then compressed into blocks of Dry Ice. These blocks weigh approximately 52 lbs. each and measure 10"x10"x11".

When CO2 is in its solid state, Dry Ice, it must be kept at -109 degrees. When Dry Ice is exposed to air, it converts (sublimates) back to its natural state, a gas.

Dry Ice Block

Dry Ice comes in different forms:

  • Solid Blocks
  • Cut-Blocks
  • Nuggets (Pellets)
  • Rice Nuggets (Pellets)

How long does Dry Ice last?

Cut Dry Ice

Dry Ice should be used as soon as bought or kept in a well insulated cooler. Dry Ice will "sublimate" at a rate of approximately 10 pounds every 24 hours. A 52 pound block is sufficient to keep food frozen, in a cooler, for about 6-7 days. You will need to purchase Dry Ice as close to when you plan to use it as possible, as Dry Ice will not keep. Dry Ice starts "sublimating" as soon as it's manufactured.


How do you use Dry Ice?

For keeping material frozen, place the Dry Ice in the cooler on top of the frozen material (as cold goes down). Close the lid and do not open until necessary to minimize loss. Dry Ice will not harm frozen food.

The Fast, Low Cost, Easily Controlled Refrigerant

Dry Ice Nuggets offer important new economies in handling and shipping. They lower the cost of lowering temperature. Really fast temperature reduction, more precise temperature control and uniform cold distribution assures thorough, even refrigeration. Labor is significantly reduced. Handling and crushing of Dry Ice Blocks is eliminated.

Uniformly sized Nuggets provide effective cooling. Their dense structure lasts longer and transfers heat at an ideal rate.

Rice Nuggets are used in Dry Ice Blast cleaning.

Shipping information… Dry Ice nuggets are supplied in convenient, returnable, insulated, self-storing drums or bins.

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